Tykaboom (150K)

Tykaboom was officially born as a fashion label in 1997. Tykaboom's interest for clothes started the first time she saw a sewing-machine, long time ago. Her hobby became a growing passion and like in a fairy tale, she eventually succeeded to make it her profession. She followed fashion school a bit, but quickly went her own way. Like the punk generation she belongs to, her motto was: do it yourself; always curious and enthousiastic to learn more and more about clothes, our second skin! And like any kind of expression, it's also another way to communicate! Her style can be described as party wear with influences of fetish, erotic, gothic, punk......always with a french touch. Both for women and men. Mostly in pvc: patent and "vegetarian leather". Enjoy looking at some of her bustiers and corset sets, skirts, bra's and panties! Set them free by wearing them!

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